Friday, May 27, 2011

Gnome is at Flipside!

Thanks to some of your donations and the tireless unicorn Sara Peyrot the Gee-Gnome is in Austin, Texas for the regional burn Flipside! Mucho thanks also to Amy Bunker and the Collaborations & Cross-Pollination Kickstarter campaign that helped up get the gnome tanspo'ed and fueled up. Accompanied by gnome fluffers Mills, Josh, Denise, Brother Jess, and the aforementioned Sara the Gnome will be flipping his hat to the Gnome Ranger and lighting up the hill country. It has been reported that Lambrusco has been secured but not much info after that, hopefully a coincidence and not a causality casualty. Anyway Best Wishes to Gee-Gnome and crew as the embark on this BAD IDEA!

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