Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gnome, gnome, and away!

The Gee-Gnome is (mostly, kinda) completely ready to go! After many long hours, much laughter, tears, beers, deaths, and births (well, those last two happened somewhere in the world), The Gee-Gnome Project has gone from a cute idea into an incredibly cute reality. In a few short hours he will begin his mystical, dusty journey to our most favorite desert. The gnomes look forward to seeing you at GnomeHQ, that being 5:00 and 200 feet out from the esplanade, all next week.

And remember, if you're having trouble finding such a cute, little project, wait until nightfall, stay real still, listen very closely, and then walk towards the giant geyser of multi-colored fire!

Drive safely! Obey the speed limits! Leave no trace! And, most importantly, have a great time on the playa!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Garden Party pics and Thanks!

Skot Kuiper's Photos of the Gee-Gnome Fundraiser are on facebook for those inclined towards the social networking.

Many thanks to all that are helping get us the funds we need to bring the Gee-Gnome to the playa, fully fueled, and salted for maximum gnomastic showing! The generosity shown has been amazing, we still are running a bit short so please consider donating. The Gnomes thank YOU!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fundraising Success!

Thank You Thank You Thank You to everyone who made it out to the Shipyard and spent some time with the Gnomies and helped up raise some cash for the project. Much fun was had and as you can see by the gnome indicator to the right we are moving out of the red. Extra special thanks for those who couldn't make it but still donated via the paypal. If you have pictures from the party please let me know and I will post them, till then this is what the gnomes have provided.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Please, Donate. Do it for the Children.

...and by children, I mean teamGnome. Who knew that Gnomes ate that much? We children certainly didn't. If you can't come to our fundraiser tomorrow, Sunday August 2nd (see blog post below), show us some love and please hit the donate button to the upper right of this page. We need to get the little gnome pointer thingy towards the green, at least that is what my accountant is telling me. Gnome donation is too small and certainly gnome donation is too large!
The Gnomes and teamGnome will be eternally grateful.