Friday, July 24, 2009


Garden Gnome Party at the Shipyard, Sunday August 2nd, 1 - 5 p.m.

For immediate release several weeks ago:

teamGnome and The Bay Area Gnomish-American Cultural Coalition request your presence at the First Annual Gnomish Garden Party Fundraiser to support the Gee-Gnome Project in its final push to the playa.

teamGnome will be taking a short break from our joyful frolicking toils in the sunny East Bay to have some food and drink with our friends and supporters. We will be engaging in garden party games with a gnomish and industrial twist, showing off our new aluminum foundry with molten metally goodness, and shaking it gnome style (similar to human style, except smaller and cuter). Peer behind the infrequently pieced Gnomish Aluminum Curtain into the our workshop and
learn of the secret gnomish technology and lore.

Skip Sunday Brunch and come on down to the Shipyard! We will be BBQ-ing delicious gnomish delights, both meaty and veggie, and imbibing highly alcoholic gnomish brews, the traditional spiced gin concoctions, as well as the usual, less daring, beer and wine.

This is your chance for very limited Gee-Gnome tag and swag, so bring yer gear and walk away with our logo!

Help us help the gnomes help us,
Garden Party Fundraiser with the Gnomies!
Entrance Free (Donations Encouraged)

Sunday August 2, 1-5 pm
The Shipyard
1010 Murray St Berkeley

Enjoy food, drinks, music! (Donations Encouraged)
Meet the artists! (Donations Encouraged)
Make a gnome hat/get a gnome brand! (Donations Encouraged)
Garden Games (Donations Encouraged)
See live molten aluminum casting! (Donations Encouraged)
Music by Duane, his band, and DJ iPod and His Ruben's Tube (Donations Encouraged)
Win Valuable Prizes (Donations Required)
Contribute to the Gee-Gnome project so that we will continue to
evolve! (Evolution Encouraged)

We encourage donations and donations are encouraged.

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