Monday, March 16, 2009

BRC LLC Contract Signed

yes, the rumors are all true, team-Gnome went to the bmOrg HQ Friday and signed on the dotted line . Red Hats were worn. Courtesy beverages were consumed. We hammered out the gnomenclature and discussed all the hoopties that we will be jumping thru to get our gnomey hands on fat stacks of BM cash. Thank you Crimson and DaveX for being gentle on our first time, you really did make us feel special. But I hear you asking, "what does this mean to me, the rabid fire-gnome fan?" Well, mostly that if you go to the big dusty this summer you will get to see the geegnome firing with frightening regularity 'All-Week-Long'(tm); thanks for asking you self-centered git. Once that first check clears we will be off to market for casting supplies, so if you want to see how a 5 foot high, 350 lb almunium gnome is made, well... so do we!

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