Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Shout Out To My Gnomies!

In case you didn't get through the Gee-Gnome Project grant application, Team Gnome consists of an all-star crew of veteran Burning Man artists who will combine their pure kick-ass-itude to make a mother fuckin' awesome gnome for Burning Man and a juplaya event.

Rosa Anna DeFilippis is the Queen of the Fuel Depot and Goddess of the Grill. Enjoying fire when it is cooking one of her delicious meals or just looking fucking awesome, she rules with iron tongs and a steel spud wrench. A leader amongst the Flaming Lotus Girls, she has decided to pursue projects smaller and cuter this year. When she is not busy curing breast cancer, her passions include cooking, trips to the opera, and travel. As a part of Team Gnome, Rosa Anna will be half of the Fire Performance Safety Team, Plumber, Lead Buyer, and Top Chef.

John DeVenezia is an accomplished sculptor, fluid dynamicist, and poker player. Armed with an understanding of sculptural aesthetics, the ability to lift, carry and wrench anything, and with a keen understanding of the feelings of fluids, John has been an invaluable member of the Flaming Lotus Girls for many years as well as Egeria, Fire Fountain in 2002 and 2003. As a part of Team Gnome, John will wear many hats, all red, tall, and pointy, including Methanol Coloration Specialist and Show-Flow Director.

Caroline Miller, a.k.a. Mills, is a long time Flaming Lotus Girl leader, bad ass plumber, propane junkie, and a connoisseur of wine by the case. As an Englishwoman, hailing from Manchester, Mills is already one-third gnome and has worked as our liaison to their proud people for this project. She will be half of Team Gnome’s Fire Performance Safety Team, as well as contributing to plumbing, metal fabrication, and everything else, for she cannot be stopped.

Josh Hunter is a fresh DJ, successful business owner, extremely skilled carpenter, and owner of A Big White Truck. After being press-ganged into Flaming Lotus Girlhood by Mills in 2006, Captain Crazy Pants, as he is known, has made invaluable contributions to numerous Flaming Lotus Girl Projects, receiving the Most Valuable Girl award in 2008. Josh is Team Gnome’s Transportation Czar and Lead Climber Of Things, as well as a member of the metal fabrication and plumbing teams.

Margaret Long is a fucking rockstar. Having worked with Dan Das Mann, the Flaming Lotus Girls, and being a super-star Space Cowgirl (we refer to her as Das Flaming Space Lotus), she has brought so many beats and art pieces into Black Rock City that she’s going to have to start paying import taxes soon. Equipped with amazing welding prowess, heavy machinery skills-to-pay-the-bills, and legs and verves of steel, Margaret will be an invaluable member of the metal fabrication team and Bringer Of Funky Fresh Beats.

Becca Maglathlin is a scientist by day, artist by night, and rester never. Becca’s amazing energy working on the Flaming Lotus Girl’s Mutopia in 2008 earned her the Rookie of the Year award, and she will have no sophomore slump. Looking to once again dive into a project, and being unable to say no to the unbearable cuteness of gnomes, Becca was a natural for Team Gnome and will put all of her skills to work, from metal fabrication to gnome chasing.

Rebecca “Hot Metal” Anders can make anything out of metal. Period. Ms. Hot Metal was instrumental in the foundations of this project, as her rock collection was used to barter with the gnomes for their secrets of evolution. As a long time Flaming Lotus Girl leader, longer time Black Rock Citizen, professional artist, and lover of all things cute, Ms. Hot Metal would not be kept away from this project. Having worked on more Burning Man art projects than can be counted, she will be a major part of Team Gnome’s fabrication team.

Peter Youngmeister has had a long time passion for fire and gnomes. His passion for fire led him to the playa many times, working with Interpretive Arson and the Flaming Lotus Girls. His passion for gnomes has led him to sit in the forest for many long hours conversing with our gnomy friends and learning their secrets. Peter is excited to work with a small, talented group on a project that is physically small, but very large in terms of height of flame. As a part of team gnome, Peter will be Project Management Dictator For Life, as well as contributing to the plumbing and wiring teams.


  1. where's the rest of the damn pictures?!@?!?!
    The gnomes demand them!

  2. The Laughing Gnome of BathFebruary 28, 2010 at 5:52 PM

    Where are the photos of this "mother fuckin' awesome gnome"?

    I'd like to see them please.